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I've been pushing on my company to have a common documentation tool generation for source code. Most of the documentation was in ReST.

Eventhough i know that epydoc recognize ReST in docstring, i am really wandering if there are actually no ways to create table in Epytext.

And also, new people prefer not to learn ReST (starting with myself) to struggle with how to create table.

I believe i have not noticed any document on this matter. Have i missed anything?

I have no other need than HTML output for now.



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    Epytext is intended to be a very *simple* markup language. One of the motivations behind this is that I use it as the default language for epytext, and it's very good at noticing when it doesn't understand the markup of a docstring, and falling back on plaintext. This is the reason that I can be confident running epydoc (with epytext as the default markup language) on the entire stdlib, even though it was not written with any particular markup language in mind.

    Therefore, I have no plans to add table support to epytext. If you want a more powerful markup language, I strongly recommend rest -- it has a very shallow learning curve, and is reasonably feature-rich.

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