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Generation of documentation in wiki markup


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    Edward Loper

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    Please be more specific -- what exactly would epydoc be generating as its output files? Can you give me a mocked-up example for a small module of what you'd like the output to look like? Also, do you envision changes to the wiki text somehow propagating back into the docstrings? If so, how would that work? If not, then what happens when the original source gets edited, and the wiki also gets edited -- how would you merge the changes?

  • Edward Loper
    Edward Loper

    • summary: output format --> Generate wiki markup as output
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    I originally didn't envision wiki changes propagating back to source code but...

    My idea was that Epydoc could output text files containing the docstrings in a wiki markup format. Since there are many variants of wiki markup, Only the most common one would should be supported (say wikimedia's syntax, which is the one used on wikipedia)
    AS for the layout, I think the Ideal should be to follow as much as possible the same layout currently used for HTML documentation. The hiperlink nature of Html documents also applies to wiki documents, so wiki documentation could be divided into multiple files just like the html output.

    The whole point of generating wiki markup from python source codes, would be to facilitate the generation of a basic documentation skeleton which can be further developed online, collaboratively, and turned into a full manual, perhaps.

    I noticed this need when trying to set up a tutorial site on a certain python package. Wikis don't import html, and I wanted a wikibased tutorial site. My only choice was to build it fro scratch, cutting and pasting from the Html documentation, which is a pain....