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EpiDoc Training Workshops

From time to time, and in various locations, EpiDoc training workshops are offered on digital text markup for epigraphic and papyrological editing. The workshops introduce participants to the basics of XML and markup and provide hands-on experience of tagging textual features and object description in EpiDoc, as well as in use of the tags-free Papyrological Editor.

For many workshops, no technical skills are required, but a working knowledge of Greek or Latin, epigraphy or papyrology and the Leiden Conventions will be assumed. Workshops are generally open to participants of all levels, from graduate students to professors or professionals.

For more information about upcoming EpiDoc workshops, visit the EpiDoc Summer School page in the Digital Classicist wiki.

Other XML Training

Those new to EpiDoc might also find general training in XML and/or TEI useful. A good general introduction to XML at W3 Schools might be a useful start, and the Wikipedia entry for XML includes an introduction to processing interfaces and practices.

The TEI website has a section on learning the TEI, including a Teach Yourself TEI guide. Training events are listed at the TEI current events page.

For information and advice on more advanced XML tools, such as XSLT, XQuery or Solr for publishing, indexing and searching EpiDoc files, see the page on Software


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