#71 volume, nero, and notification icons


I've downloaded and installed emerge. At first I thought it was amazing, but I've noticed some problems and would like some help with them.

1) I installed emerge on my HP laptop, which has touch button controls for media. After the installation and running emerge, I cannot use the touch buttons for the volume control. I've tried turning off and uninstalling emerge, but the buttons don't respond. All the other buttons work. How can I get the touch buttons to work again?

2) Whenever I turn on my computer and emerge desktop is turned on, I get about 3 messages regarding Nero and how it and some programs aren't found. I've never had that disc burning program installed. How do i get rid of the problem?

3) When I have emerge desktop turned on, the notification icons appear on the top left side of my desktop. Is there a way to hid them?


  • Following up on your questions:

    1 - configure emergeHotkeys to enable the Volume keys. For details see:

    2 - run msconfig.exe and see if there any references to Nero. emergeCore is trying to run Nero because it's listed as start up item somewhere.

    3 - what notification icons are you referring to?



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