#114 Issues with Chrome and HTML5


Using Chrome with HTML5 on Emerge Desktop breaks when Explorer Desktop is not Enabled. I am currently using ED v6.0.0.1077 and Chrome v19.0.1084.36 beta-m. This has worked in the past. Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure out that ED was involved or I could have narrowed this down to a particular release of ED or Chrome. I believe it may have started when I had the Dev channel of Chrome installed and upgraded to a new version of ED within the v6.0 branch. Now that I look over my computer, I see that I upgraded from v6.0.0.961 to v6.0.0.1030 around 9 March 2012 and I am sure Chrome was working previous to this. An easy way to test the problem is to try to load the home page for the processing.js library: http://processingjs.org/


  • Just to confirm, are you talking about the squiggly line thing at the bottom of the page? If so, testing with eD using Chrome 20.0.1115.1 dev-m it displays fine. Testing with Firefox 13.0 it also works as expected.

    Would you be willing to test with a newer eD build (I'll contact you personally if so and send you a link)?


  • Anonymous

    Yes for both questions. There is a demo at the bottom of the page and another behind the tabs at the top of the page. Neither of these work when I do not have the Explorer Desktop enabled.

    I would be willing to test a newer eD build.


  • Anonymous

    Woops! Vista, 32-bit. I DL-ed the 32 bit build and I am running it now. The problem still occurs.

    The Flot examples do not work if Explorer is not enabled, either:

    There are also various web sites that I run into that do not display properly.

    I have not tried Firefox because I prefer Chrome, it used to work, and it took me a while to suspect eD was even involved. IE does work, but IE does not support websockets and I need a broswer that supports it. I'd be happy to try anything you'd like or provide any information you need if you are interested in solving this problem. In the mean time, I can get around it by activating the Explorer Desktop. However, I use "RightDeskMenu" a lot (I have it assigned to a hot key if I need to turn on Explorer) and I'd love to have this work again.

    Thank you very much for this awesome piece of software and for your help.

  • Interesting, I just tested on WIn7 and sure enough, I'm seeing the same behaviour. Works fine under XP.

  • Seems that Chrome and IE are affected and Firefox works fine. I'm not sure what the dependency is on 'Explorer Desktop', so I'm not sure how to fix this.


  • Anonymous

    This did work at one time. I was using the dev channel of Chrome and I had no problem with it at all. Looking back, I was almost certainly running eD v6.0.0.961 when it worked, but I confess it could still have something to do with Chrome's code changing and the upgrade from build 961 to 1030 might have been a coincidence. Unfortunately, there may be no way to know when my Chrome was updated. If I get a chance, I might try backing off my version of eD to see if that fixes the problem.

  • Based on the testing I did, I couldn't find any revision of eD that worked with Chrome (I tested all the way back to 5.2.1). Firefox works fine, it seems that IE and Chrome are affected.


  • Anonymous

    OK--then it is almost certainly something that changed in Chrome. Thank you for looking in to this.



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