emc2_2.2.5 Released

A couple more improvements/bugfixes:
* Include license statement for the 'Togl' software, which is incorporated in emc2
* added m7i43_hm2, a driver for the Mesa 7i43 board with HostMot2 firmware
* axis: numeric keypad fix in prior version was incomplete
* various documentation improvements
* stepconf: do not allow axis acceleration to be set to zero during an axis test (SF#1938763)
* last move no longer discarded if it's a G1 and the file ends with % (SF#1937281)
* add a workaround which fixes pyvcp for hardy
* backport fix for #1929461 - halui stops reading inputs during a MDI
* Fix a bug that caused backplot to freeze during linear moves
* add serbian translation for AXIS/stepconf

Posted by Alex Joni 2008-04-27