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Magic Carpet Ride

The Magic Carpet Ride video of a cloud passing over a distribution feeder with rooftop solar PV generation has been posted onto this site. You can find a link to it here:

Note that this is a 20 MB download.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-08-21 Installer posted

Installer for 7.6.3 build 31. Various minor bug fixes and enhancements. Most are discussed in the Discussion Forum. Search for recent references where users were instructed to get the latest beta.

Still looking for a suitable host for the Mediawiki site.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-08-13

Type Library Documentation Site Down

The MediaWiki site on that supported the Type Library Documentation has been retired as of 6/19/2014. Unfortunately, we didn't know it was being retired until after the fact and are now actively investigating other means of posting the material that was once on the OpenDSS Wiki.

Roger Dugan 6/24/2014

See the PDF for the COM interface documentation: read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-06-24

Type Library Documentation Posted

We have created a page in the Wiki that lists the entire type library with enums, interface definitions, with properties and methods. You can find the documentation here:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-05-29

Beta Posted

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-05-14

Reminder: Smart Inverter Documentation Available

See Wes Sunderman's post in the Experts thread:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-05-02

Parser Interface Added

At Version we added an interface to the internal OpenDSS Parser.

Check out the documentation in the Wiki:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-04-28

Beginners and Expert Forums Added

The Help and Open Discussion forums have had a mixture of requests from all experience levels of users. This can make it difficult to wade through hundreds of posts to find what you want. So we've added two new forums: Expert and Beginners.

The posts in the Expert Forum will be for those users with advanced needs and questions.

The posts in the Beginners forum will be for those users needing basic help getting started.... read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-01-28

Version Installer Posted

The version installer has been posted. The installer is still available at the same site in case you have a problem with the version.

There are several additions and bug fixes since June 2013, including:

  • Force balanced currents on Generator Model 7, PVSystem, and Storage models, which emulates the way some inverters control currents while interconnected.
  • Improvements to Show Currents report
  • Additional COM interfaces: XYCurves, Reclosers, Relays, PDElements
  • Save Circuit function improved
  • Option to turn off registry update at shutdown (to keep previous defaults)
  • More consistent handling of base frequency definitions.
  • Infrastructure for reliability calcs added.
  • Transformer taps can now go negative including zero (for autotransformer modeling)
  • The process of drawing bus markers on circuit plot changed and corrected so they don't get covered up.
  • X12, X13, X23 properties added to Transformer (as aliases for XHL, XHT, XLT)
  • Export Nodenames command added to assist in developing scripts
  • Node order in COM interface made more consistent (see Tech Note in MediaWiki)
  • Voltages and puVoltages now return values in node order from smallest to largest
  • Update to the Monitors interface to help users extract values from the memory stream. (See Tech Note on this subject)... read more
Posted by Roger Dugan 2013-11-04

Beta Posted

This version includes recent work on current-limited inverter models for Generator model 7, PVSystem, and Storage models.

Also, several new COM interfaces, including PDElements and XYCurves.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2013-10-11

Beta Posted

This beta version fixes several things including an issue with certain Plot commands that was throwing an exception, fixes to SAVE CIRCUIT, and some new stuff on reliability calcs (still in progress).

New Interfaces:


Changes to Interfaces:


Beta Version Locations:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2013-10-01

New User Primer Now Available

One of our users was kind enough to write down some things he thought would be useful for new users. I posted the document today.

If you have SVN linked to the repository, you can simply update. Otherwise, you can find it under the Doc folder under the name "OpenDSSPrimer":

/ trunk / Distrib / Doc /

Posted by Roger Dugan 2013-03-08

Z1, Z2, Z0 Enhancements

The version has some new ways to define the symmetrical component impedances of VSOURCE and REACTOR objects.

You can enter the impedance as a two-element array represent the real and imaginary components. For example:

Z1=[1 2]

This represents Z1= 1 + j2.

You can also enter a Z2 value that is different than Z1, which allows you to make equivalents of rotating machines. The first time you set Z1, the values for Z2 and Z0 are defaulted to the value entered for Z1. Then you can change Z0 and Z2.... read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2013-03-01

Script Window Font Persistence

The version of OpenDSS (now posted in the Distrib folder -- under Trunk) adds persistence to the font name and style (bold and italic are the options you have).

The values are saved in the Windows Registry. They are updated when you exit the program if you change the font parameters.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2013-03-01

Welcome to OpenDSS!

The OpenDSS is a simulator specifically designed to represent electric power distribution circuits. OpenDSS is designed to support most types of power distribution planning analysis associated with the interconnection of distributed generation (DG) to utility systems. It also supports many other types of frequency-domain circuit simulations commonly performed on utility electric power distribution systems. It represents unbalanced conditions, stochastic processes, and other aspects of electrical power distribution systems and equipment in far greater detail than many other tools, including commercial products. Through COM and scripting interfaces, other programs can drive OpenDSS in highly customized simulations, Monte Carlo analysis, etc. Users can define their own models through dynamic linking, scripting, or automation.... read more

Posted by Tom McDermott 2008-09-05