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#33 Stop issues and button enablement

1.0 M3 RC2
ECUT UI (30)

If it is not possible for some reason for the ECUT client to connect to the ECUT server, the stop button is not enabled. The current stop implementation does not shutdown the ECUT server.


  • There are other stop issues:
    - Stop button is enabled when all test cases run and no error or failure occurred.
    - Stop does not cause to stop test execution.

    • status: open --> open-accepted
    • milestone: 880289 --> 897076
  • The current stop implementation needs more attention. Bidirectional communication between EcutClient and EcutServer is needed in order to stop unit test execution on the client side.

    This issue is postponed to M4.

    • labels: 1138087 --> ECUT UI
    • milestone: 897076 --> 880290
    • milestone: 880290 --> 1.0 M3 RC2