SQLExplorer v3.5.1 released

The team is pleased to announce that we have released version 3.5.1 of SQLExplorer;
there is a lot of work which has gone into finalising the code to get us to this point.
Since 3.5.0-RC8, there have been some minor feature additions - the focus has been on fixing bugs or annoyances.
Please report any bugs to the Beta Testing forum, or submit on the Bugs Tracker;
new feature requests should go into the Feature Requests Tracker.
For really, really minor tweaks (i.e. feature requests) please go ahead and post in the Beta Testing forum but we reserve the right to ask you to repost them in the Feature Request Tracker if the request too complex to just slip in.
The main changes since RC8 are:
* New 'Execute Current SQL' action (CTRL+ALT+ENTER) and changeable key binding (patch #2725105 by joco01)
* Fixed bug #2827324, rounded float values in MS-Sql
* Added feature #2827391, problem with auto completion
* fixed bug #2830545, fill db structure view for current database
* Extended database(catalog) support for MySql,Sybase, MS-Sql
* Changed 'File' menu for standalone SE: Added 'New', moved 'Preferences' menu item down
* Re-added export to HTML and XLS action; XLS is now 'real' Excel format build with POI
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Posted by Heiko Hilbert 2009-10-18