#175 problem when compile


Drjava was working grand then went to make a program the wouldn't compile and said this
1 error found:
File: (no associated file) [line: (no source location)]
Error: No compiler is available.

any ideas??


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    DrJava is not able to find a Java compiler compatible with the version of Java that is being used to execute DrJava. When you start DrJava is shows what compilers it has found at the right edge of the compile tab in the lower section of the DrJava window. You need to make sure that you are running DrJava using a Java JDK installation rather than a JRE installation (which lacks a compiler). If you are using a JDK installation, you can explicitly specify the location of the tools.jar file (which contains the compiler) using the DrJava preferences pane. DrJava should normally be able to find this file, but something is going wrong in your DrJava startup protocol so explicitly specifying the location of tools.jar may work around the problem.

    If this workaround does not work, please post more information about your configuration (the information in the "About" and "System Properties" tabs in the popup window generated by the About command on the Help menu).

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    I have seen this, its looking for tools.jar and cannot locate. Please verify you have it specified in the Edit - Preferences

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    I have gottoen the same thing!