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#173 Can't Load Files and other stuff


I have been having some serious problems with this program. I have installed the jdk and everything but it still seems to not work. Dr. Java opens fine, but once open, the screen does a slight flicker every 5 seconds or so. Also, when i try to change the size of the window by clicking on the edge and dragging, after a couple seconds, the screen reverts back to its maximized size and location. When i click to open a file, and go to the drop down bar to select a directory, the screen slightly flickers and the drop down bar goes back up to its original state. THese things are annoying, but not impossible to deal with. THe real problem is that once i select a file to open, all that appears is a slight grey outline of a box in the middle of the screen and the entire program freezes up. The computer has its little hourglass thing, but it really is stuck. ive let it run for hours and nothing. I have to go into ctrl-alt-del to get rid of it and even this is only responsive after a couple tries.

i have windows xp, and plenty of memory.

any ideas?


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    I remember having a similar problem ages ago. It was due (I think) to a bug in my graphics driver or in the JRE. Try updating your graphics driver and your JRE.

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    I use Windows rather infrequently these days but I used I Windows XP laptop for over a year as my primary DrJava development machine and never saw this problem. I do recall hearing reports of strange interactions between some ATI graphics cards and the Java graphics library several years ago so I concur with the prior recommendations of the anonymous poster. Make sure that your graphics driver is up to date and try downloading the latest version of the Java 6.0 JDK. You can also try lowering the graphics acceleration on your card (using a utility provided with the card or opening the diplay properties dialog box [right clicking on the desktop background and selecting "Properties], clicking the Settings tab, and clicking the "Advanced" button which in some cases allows you to adjust the hardware acceleration level, possibly via the "Troubleshooting" button) or lowering your color depth (a dialog box on the same Settings tab described previously).