#165 JUnit test cases not found

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John Kirkilis

This worked fine a couple nights ago in a different directory, but today I encountered the error "There are no compiled JUnit TestCases available for execution. Perhaps you have not yet compiled your test files."

I had just compiled my test class and received the "Compilation Completed" message with no errors. I can see the "BankAccountTest.class file in the directory listing.

This happened on four different machines today, all running DrJava Version : 20070828-1759, JDK 6.02, and WinXP.

Hold on... I just verified that the problem is the location of the files. If the files are located at the top level of a logical disk, I get the above error. When I move them one level down or more, the problem goes away. Perhaps it's a DrJava / JUnit integration issue.

I have an easy workaround however.