Mahmoud Fayed

PWCT is not a Wizard for creating your application in 1 2 3 steps.

PWCT is a general-purpose visual programming tool designed for novice and expert programmers.

A novice programmer can use PWCT to learn programming concepts like Data Structure, Control Structure, Programming Paradigm,..etc.

An expert programmer can use PWCT to develop large and/or complex software.

Using PWCT we developed a textual programming language Compiler and Virutal Machine without writing a single line of code where the programming process done using the PWCT visual components. This language called Supernova and it's free-open source (http://supernova.sourceforge.net).

Many database, Multi-Media, Network, AI, Simulation & Math applications developed using PWCT.

Author : (http://www.facebook.com/msfclipper) .
Group : (http://www.facebook.com/groups/doublesvsoop)
Course : (http://doublesvsoop.sourceforge.net/giftphp/main.htm).

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1 - PWCT Logo
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2 - PWCT Environment
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3 - PWCT Data Entry Forms
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4 - PWCT Form Designer
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5 - Play As Movie to learn how to create the program step by step.
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6 - Support the C programming language.

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  • abd elkarim
    abd elkarim

    Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!