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dom4j 1.5.1 released

The dom4j team is pleased to announce the dom4j 1.5.1 maintenance release!
You can find a download link on http://www.dom4j.org

Changes in this version include:

New Features:

o Added support for the XPP3 parser. Thanks to Pelle Braendgaard.

Fixed bugs:

o Fixed problem where the namespace prefix was lost using DOMDocument. Thanks
to Ara Vartanian.
o Fixed bug in Document.asXML() which ignored the encoding of the document.
Thanks to David Karlsen.
o Fixed a bug in XMLWriter where a NullPointerException was thrown if trying
to write a CData section containing null content. Thanks to Daniel Hopper.


o Updated NamespaceCache to use WeakReferences to allow Namespace objects to
be garbage collected.
o Updated JAXBReader to allow ElementHandlers to be notified when the
specified path is encountered, without having to unmarshall XML content.
Thanks to Wonne Keysers.
o Modified the internal Aelfred2 parser to no longer support the SAX2
Extensions 1.1 API. As a result, the SAX2 sources are no longer included with

Have fun!
-The dom4j team

Posted by Maarten Coene 2004-10-29