#24 Zotero's MODS importer maps fields incorrectly, omits others

Steve Toub

This is on the Zotero side in their MODS importer. I didn't poke around too much but found:

1. The last /mods/titleInfo/title is imported into the Title field. In the example below, the second [type@='alternate'] is imported in Zotero; the real title isn't imported at all.

Example: http://www.dlfaquifer.org/unapi?id=110202&format=mods

2. /mods/typeOfResource and /mods/genre don't seem to import; all MODS items from Aquifer seem to get imported as a "Book".

3. /mods/originInfo/dateIssued does not import at all.

Example: http://www.dlfaquifer.org/unapi?id=230051&format=mods


  • Kat Hagedorn
    Kat Hagedorn

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    The Zotero bug tracking system already has several MODS related issues which are logged:


    We should probably assign a liaison to the Zotero project to make sure that any issues we uncover are logged to the Zotero bug tracking system.

  • Steve Toub
    Steve Toub

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    Sounds good. I don't mind doing the interfacing with Zotero folks and making the MWG folks aware of the ticket history in the Zotero Trac instance.

    I think the question is whether you have the bandwidth/interest to implement changes that MWG requests in a test version of the Zotero code and submit patches to Zotero devs, or whether I should send the bug reports to the Zotero team and depend on them to code, test and implement. It looks like relatively straightforward JavaScript but I think this is beyond my skill level.

    Feel free to wait to weigh in until after you see MWG's list. ;)