Director 0.37 stable

Dear All,

This is to announce the 0.37 stable release of Director.


There are two archives available for download. The first (director)
contains the main Director programs and associated utilities and menus
and the second (director-devel) also contains the source code and CVS

All the archives can be downloaded from:


Added check for !Help file inside application to FilerMenu.
Added FrontBack to Select Menu Alt and Ctrl. (Harriet Bazley)
Added Select3 support to the "Save icons" menu.
Fixed actions of Close/DoClose and Switch to affect the appropriate window.
(Grahame Sanders, Chris Manning)
Fixed Calendar being one day out. (Alex Cessford, Chris Manning)
Fixed CDVolume Shift+click on arrow buttons.
Fixed FilerMenu's handling of non-typed files.
Fixed multiple appearances of the CDVolume window. (Lenny)
Fixed Tools menu.
Fixed typo in DoClose. (Steve Bradbury)
Some internal Obey files can't be DirectorObey-ed anymore. (Chris Manning)
Other miscellaneous changes.


Director is a general purpose desktop tool. It allows you to customise
your desktop by creating menus of useful commands and icons to attach
the menus to. Any number of menus or icons can be created and attached
in any order to each other.

Director also allows an alternative and faster view onto files in the
form of directory menus and allows these menus to be attached to other
menus also.

Director has some other useful features such as remembering the most
recently used files, the ability to add key strokes into the keyboard
buffer and the ability to produce directory menus over drive icons.

Director is fully customisable by the user, and can do many or all of
the functions of Pinboard+, TreeMenu (AKA DirMenu), Filer-, QuickDir,
DeskUtils, Memorizer, Menon and some of the functions of Filer+.


Phil L.

Posted by Philip Ludlam 2004-02-14