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  • leekanelong

    THE GIVEAWAY BLOG started out as a hobby really, i was always working on blog
    design and playing around with templates, gadgets and also collecting the
    giveaway software in the day so i started share the latest giveaway software i
    was found in a day at FB.

    After I share a few giveaway software i quickly found THE GIVEAWAY BLOG
    getting good and i have receive many suggest from the reader in FB suggest to
    open blog and other social service to share those good news so i decided to
    focus on finding more giveaway software and also the good free software to
    share to all reader.And now i am decide to share out more free tutorials of
    photoshop and also the excel,word.

    History of growing
    THE GIVEAWAY BLOG was started in Jan 2010 originally as ThousandTricks in
    FB.In September 2010 when i receive the suggest from our reader and i open the
    blogger as (Now Delete).After a years ago i plan
    to give the blog for a easy remember name let reader and blogger can easy
    found it,so the name of THE GIVEAWAY BLOG is now here.

    The Writter
    I am the main author of THE GIVEAWAY BLOG, I'm Lee Kane Long and I'm from the
    land of M'sia.I have never taken a class even at school on computers never
    mind studying it.Everything i have learned has been self thought simply
    through my Insane need to know How Things Work and Share The Nice Software To

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