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#147 Javascript under Mozilla


I'm not an expert of javascript, however,
I'm using Mozilla 0.8 under Linux, and
I cannot use the Drop Down menu interface,
since the menu do not drop :-).

I think there is a problem related to javascript.
If there are any details that you think it's
useful to know, just ask.



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    Neither the drop down list or the tree view were ported to
    Mozilla/Netscape6. The scripts do come from Netscape's
    developer area, and are cross browser compatible.

    On Friday, I checked in a change to make the tree view work.
    It was rather simple. However, the drop down menu is
    proving to be much more "interesting".

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    Additionally, it is not possible to submit a work order with
    any kind of date (deadline, start, or end) under Mozilla 0.9
    (2001060810 build).

    The only workaround I've found is to edit the
    templates/default/htmlWorkOrderForm.tpl file and make those
    fields not required -- comment out the Javascript and remove
    the 'span class="highlight"' stuff from around the text label.

    I haven't looked at fixing the JS itself, but I have tried
    submitting work orders with 3 or 4 different date formats,
    and none of them worked.

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    This is a bug in Mozilla. I have been using Mozilla almost
    exclusively for regular development for about a year. It
    was broken within the last couple of months or so. I
    haven't looked into exactly which part of it is broken yet.

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    Fixed date checking code in formchek.js. I'm going to
    close this because it may take a while to patch the drop
    down menu to work in Mozilla.

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