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Thomas Schraitle Frank Sundermeyer

DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite (DAPS)

DocBook is the ideal framework when it comes to publishing large documentation projects in different formats. However, it does not provide a toolchain to create PDF, HTML or other formats from XML.

The DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite (DAPS) fills this gap by providing a tool set for easy creation and publication of DocBook sources on Linux. DAPS lets you create HTML (incl. Webhelp), PDF, EPUB, man pages, and other formats with a single command.

It automatically takes care of validating and filtering (profiling) your sources and automatically converts images into a format best suited for the output format. Furthermore one can easily create profiled source tarballs for translation or review.

DAPS supports authors by providing linkchecker, validator, spellchecker, and editor macros. It is perfectly suited to manage large documentation projects with multiple authors using the DAPS docmanager.



If you are new to DAPS, the Quickstart Guide will get you started, while the User Guide covers all aspects of DAPS in detail.

DAPS Quickstart Guide DAPS User Guide