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#5 Differences in CVSROOT and reported cvs directory

Samuli Pöykkö

When using the cvsplot in with our pserver in
encountered the following problem. This problem is
visible in the report of the cvsplot when issuing a
standard command in certain environment:

$ ./cvsplot.pl -cvsdir
:pserver:user@server:/cvs/project -rlog src -linedata
linedata.txt -filedata filedata.txt
cvs rlog: Logging src
-cvsdir argument /cvs/project doesn't match repository
filename prefix /mnt/d1/cvs/project/src/file
Please correct your -cvsdir argument and try again

This report clearly shows how our server uses directory
links to hide the actual (physical) location of the CSV
root. The CVSROOT for CVS commands is /cvs/project, but
in reality the root is on "disk one" which was mounted
on /mnt/d1. This relocation causes a problem in line
the 438 of cvsplot.pl (version 1.7.3). Here the CVS
command returns the actual physical location of each
repository item which is checked to match the specified

Luckily this problem is easy to solve. I can see that
there is already a case for MS-DOS environments where
the letter of each disk drive is ignored from the
output. My solution is (was) to first apply a quick fix
for my specific case and later fix it in a way I
thought was more proper. The latter fix should be
attached to this bug report as an patch. The patch was
produced with diff -u against the 1.7.3 distribution of


  • Patch against cvsplot 1.7.3