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#11 searched key missing in the file


I have compiled and running cscope 15.6 under cygwin. I am having problem where the searched key is missing when I open the file it finds it.

1. look for C32
Find this C symbol: C32

2. finds it in file a.c

3. if I open file a.c, the C32 is missing.

"C32_t C32;" --- will be displayed as ---> "_t ;"

The file a.c is RO that is managed under a clearcase VOB. This start happening recently. Thanks for your help.



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    Erm... how exactly is it cscope's fault if the editor your open your file in fails to display its contents?

    I strongly suspect that the real culprit here is Clearcase, since pretty much every single time someone reports something utterly crazy happening with files stored in a revision control system, that system is Clearcase.

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    Is cscope relying on .out for the symbol lookup? It does build a list of symbol based on the search key. I am curious why all occurances of the key (C32) are missing from all the files it finds it in. I am not saying cscope is at fault. I am searching how the file system is working in sync with cscope + cygwin + vim + clearcase to make it to fail. I know it isn't cscope since if I vi to the file in the VOB, it is missing the searched key and am trying to see why. Clearly cscope does search the C32 key and build the table.. now, why it is missing in the VOB file, I don't know.

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    I found a fix to some of my problems. I have vim70 on cygwin and the private .swp file created is causing the problem. If I force delete the .swp file, all is fine. Thanks.

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    Closing this as invalid --- this problem has nothing to do with cscope.

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