#21 Controls dialog misbehaviour

Jan Reucker

Quote from an email sent to crrcsim-devel by Martin Herrmann:

However, when I select a non-existant port (1), then select an existant port again (2) and press OK (3), I get an error message:
"Failed to initialize selected input method. Reverting to mouse input.". The init method of the serial interface also is not called at (2).

What's worse is that after that I cannot select Zhen Hua again because I get an error message as soon as I select "ZhenHua" in the configuration dialog, and then the same thing as above happens.


Try the following ():
- Open the controls dialog
- Select "Zhen Hua"
- Select a non-existant port
- Select an existant port
- Hit OK

At that point, it tells me "Failed to initialize selected input method".

I think the problem is in the controls dialog, crrc_ctrlgen, and it lies somewhere in the fact that after a failure, it does not try to configure the interface again when you select a different port.