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#1 CrackLib license transition

Sascha Kettler

I would like to know why Alec Muffet's code (relased
under an artistic license) is now released as GPL.


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    This was done with Alec's permission, initially by sortof
    accident - autoconf stuck the copying file in without me
    realizing it even though the project included the other
    license as well. Then after talking with Alec, he wanted to
    go ahead and make it GPL'd, but keep the previous license
    around for historical sake.

    I should probably get him to clarify this publicly.

    • status: open --> closed
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    More correctly, it's actually sort of a dual licensed GPL
    and his old artistic-like (not exactly the same as perl one)
    hence the reason for both licenses being in the source.

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    There's a migration going on; the code at the moment is covered by two
    licenses, the older stuff artistic, and nathan's new stuff GPL. It is our
    intention to clear up any remaining loose ends in a future upcoming major-
    rev release, and go GPL.

    - Alec Muffett.

  • Sascha Kettler
    Sascha Kettler

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    It's just that the GPL is not compatible with some other
    open source licenses; so we'll probably need to fork
    cracklib 2.7 for use in PHP.

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    Why does php have an issue with GPL'd code? There's no issue
    using php with all of the various other libraries it is
    compiled with, why is cracklib any different?

  • Rasmus Lerdorf
    Rasmus Lerdorf

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    Most libraries are not GPL'ed actually. We do not
    distribute any extensions specifically designed to link
    against a GPL'ed library.

  • Wez Furlong
    Wez Furlong

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    If we distributed PHP extensions that explicitly linked
    against GPL'd libraries, we'd be forced to change the PHP
    license into GPL, which is something that we are not willing
    to change, for practical (and philosophical) reasons.

    Please consider using the LGPL for your license instead of
    the GPL, as you're effectively preventing non-GPL FOSS
    projects from using your library right now.