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We now do subversion, not CVS.

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2006-04-05

Delayed loading, LInux support

cppxmlobj now handles delayed loading. This means that XML files can be really large (line for cppliterate), and xi:includes are only loaded as needed. This feature can be turned off and on. Also builds on linux, gcc 4.0 and lot's of bugs fixed.

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2006-04-05

First Useful release

This is the first really useful release. I have been working on xmlliterate (which uses cppxmlobj) and found a lot of things that could be better. Especially when it comes to using STL algorithms with xmlobj_vector_typed.

I spent a lot of time looking at boost_1_31_0, especially boost::iterator_facade to provide real iterators for our objects. We use boost::bind with std::for_each and std::find_if all through the code now including the tests so that the code will look a lot better and more Boost/STL like.... read more

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2004-10-07