CppUnit printout, handling directories

  • Hi,
    My problem is that, when I have the code in a directory structure like this:

    |                |
    |                |--------debug
    |                                      |
    |                                      |----test
    |                                                 |
    |                                                 |--> Test cases here
    |--> Makefile here, compile from here

    (So as you can see the sources which consists the cases, are deeply down in the directory structure.) if I run the cases, and one of them fails, than the output not consists the whole path but the filename… so my text editor can't jump to the given location… any idea ?
    Thanks in advance !


  • ehh.
    once again, the structure like this:
    \ |
    |......... Modules
                                    |........test/ testcases
    and the make is in the root.