CPPUnit & Visual Studio .Net 2003


  • Anonymous

    I could compile and run CPPUnit 1.9.11 on .NET 2003 and run my tests. But couldn't make the DSPlugIn work. On doubleclicking in the testrunner output list, I couldnt make it jump to the error location in the source code. Is this feature not suuported in this version or am I missing something.
    Meanwhile on compiling DSPluginIn project, am not getting the require output DLL(PlugIn).

    Please help!

    • DSPlugin uses MSDEV extension API which were changed in VS.NET 2002. So it only works with VC++ 6.

    • I am trying to get cppunit 1.10.2 working with VS .NET 2003.
      I have tried the "Quick Steps to compile & run a sample using the GUI TestRunner" which does not compile.

      I can post the error messages, but first, perhaps someone would
      be able to tell me if this is expected to work, ie what
      exactly is known to work in VS .NET 2003, and what is not?

      Or should I be looking to cppunit2, or perhaps TUT :-) :-)

      Thanks in advance


      • CPPUnit & Visual Studio .Net 2003 work just fine together.I use them for a long time. Just DSPlugin component doesn't compile.

        Of course I presume you are going to develop and test native C++ code