CppUnit on AIX


  • Anonymous

    We want to use CppUnit 1.5.5 for some multi-platform development work.  The distributed source compiles, links and runs very nicely on HP-UX and Linux systems with just a little bit of tinkering.  Thanks for the nice work.

    I would also like to use this library for development on AIZ 4.3.  We are using the Visual Age development tools - version after our most recent upgrade and patches.  The compilation seems to work fine, but when we try to link with the test programs, we get undefined symbols for the c'tor and d'tor for the classes TestCase, TestResult and TestSuite - the specific error is
    ld: 0711-317.

    I have tried some tinkering with these classes to get more information about the problem.  If I move the definitions of these methods into the class declaration, the error id remains the same, but now the missing symbol changes from
    .CppUnit::TestResult::TestResult() to
    which seems to indicate that it cannot find
    a symbol it wants for the virtual function table.

    When I made a half-hearted attempt to eliminate
    the CppUnit namespace (not my first choice) to
    try to simplify the symbol mangling required,
    the error messages became another variation on the same theme:
    Undefined symbol: Virtual table for class "TestResult": first non-line virtual function in "TestResult" is not defined.

    Has anyone been successful with CppUnit on AIX?
    Is there a work-around for these linkage problems
    that the development system reports?

    Thanks for your consideration of this vexing problem.

        David Black
        Louisville, CO