CPPSERV and CSP (C++ Server Pages) 0.2.0 released

CPPSERV is an application server, which provides Servlet-like API to C++ programmers. CPPSERV also provides CSP (C++ Server Pages) parser, which uses syntax very similar to JSP.

Recently I announced release 118 of CPPSERV, which I planned to be release candidate for 0.5 series. 0.5 series APIs will be set in stone, and only internal implementation and test suit will be improved, until I'm happy enough with it to make it 1.0. However, there is one important aspect of APIs, which hasn't been tackled up until now: taglibs.

In Java world Taglibs allow writing custom actions for JSPs (more info at http://java.sun.com/products/jsp/tutorial/TagLibrariesTOC.html\).
CPPSERV had some rudimentary support for a similar concept, but when I tried to apply it to real-world problem, it turned out rather limited. As of now, the core of taglib support is targeted at pre-compile time taglibs (unlike java taglibs, which work at run-time). Release 0.2.0 changed CSP
taglib API to be little more flexible. It is still primarily meant for pre-compile time taglibs (and that is what I tested it with), but now it's possible tow extend it to allow more JSP-like taglibs, which will work at run-time. No attempt to make it work has been made yet, as I haven't found a proper real-world scenario to test it on, but it'll be done before 0.5 release.

To sum it up: 0.2 releases will see stability in core servlet APIs, cleanups in servlet API implementation, and lot of flux in taglib APIs. We shall also provide a core taglib library with lot of standard tags (think iterators, think macro definitions...) to make CSP developer lives easy.


Posted by Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh 2008-12-29