#65 "Send Cursor Position Updates" and "Send Cursor Shape"

Ashley Ward

In Chicken 2.0b2, movements of the mouse made on the server side
are not shown in the client Chicken window. This makes
collaboration slightly more difficult: a user on the server side cannot
point things out to the client Chicken user.

The OSXvnc server (currently version 1.5) implements two
extensions to the RFB protocol: "Send Cursor Position Updates" and
"Send Cursor Shape", which allow VNC clients to show the server-
side mouse cursor in the client window. The TightVNC client on
Windows implements these extensions, and so mouse movements
on the OSXvnc Mac can be seen in the TightVNC Windows client,
but Chicken does not yet implement these extensions.

Unfortunately it seems that no VNC clients on OS X presently
implement both these extensions -- I've tried VNCDimension,
VNCThing and the TightVNC Java clients.

Implementation of these two extensions in Chicken would make it a
much better companion for OSXvnc -- and it would certainly help me
when supporting my Mum (we are 100 miles apart) on her new Mac

Many thanks for any help...

Ashley Ward.


  • I would also find this to be a great help. Chicken is the best remote pair programming solution I've found yet, but this issue is definitely an impediment.