#154 COTV adds 5900 to the port number.


COTV adds 5900 to the port number you specify. If you attempt to
connect to port 0, it will connect to 5900.
In order for me to connect to port 26000, I must specify 20100.


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    yeah, i got this problem too... silly.

  • John Tangney
    John Tangney

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    The number you enter is not a port number; it's a display
    number. VNC protocol specifies that port number = 5900 +
    display number.

    Now one could argue (and I'd agree) that we should be
    entering a port number.

    When I first started using cotvnc, I was stymied by the
    "display number" thing, and couldn't get it to work until I
    read the wording of the dialog very carefully. It does in
    fact tell you...


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    that's not a bug, that's a feature! :-)

  • Phillip Mocek
    Phillip Mocek

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    This behavior seems to have originated with version 20b3. I
    previously specified a port number (because I'm connecting
    to a local port which is ssh-tunneled to the remote server
    running Xvnc) with 20b1 and with 20b2.

    Note that previous versions had a "display/port" field,
    while 20b3 has a "display" field.

  • Phillip Mocek
    Phillip Mocek

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    If this is intended behavior, then the format of server
    connection configuration data has changed since version
    2.0b2, and the bug is that cotvnc does not recognize
    obsolete configuration data and deal appropriately with it.

    see also: bug 1407743 - saved "display/port" data used as
    "display" after upgrade

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    This did not happen for me in version 2.0b3, but I just
    upgraded to the universal version for my MacbookPro, and
    discovered it. So it is still a problem

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris

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    Version 2.0b4 fixes this by changing the behavior. If you enter a _port_ using
    host:port syntax, it will be used. If you enter a _display_ in the text field marked
    "Display:", it will be used and 5900 will be added to it.

    So, either enter "yourhost:5900" _or_ enter display 0.

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    This makes it impossible to connect to a port <5900