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Jon Taylor

Welcome to Controlix!

Controlix is a parallel, synchronous operating system kernel written in the VHDL language and is designed to be modular and retargetable.

What makes Controlix unique?

  • Based on the VHDL language for concurrent, verifiable and sythesizable programming. Run the same systems code in userspace, as an OS on a CPU-based system, in parallel on an FPGA or even masked into an integrated circuit!

  • Retargetable interfaces for virtual implementation and portability. Drive systems from a high level of abstraction all the way down to programming bare metal automatically!

  • Control hierarchies for generic modularity and extensibility. Full modularity and object-oriented design, based on pure systems and control theory for maximum performance and complete reuseability.

  • ISO networking abstraction for maximum scalability and standard interoperability. Mix controls into generic systems flows with TCP/IP standards for intercommunication.

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