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New window does not show up

John Z
  • John Z
    John Z

    I added a new table called X_Friends to AD with the following steps:

    1. Created the table in Oracle
    2. Created my elements in AD
    3. Created table and columns in AD with special columns such as AD_Client_ID, AD_Org_ID...
    4. Created Window, Tab & Field in AD
    5. Add the Window to Menu.

    Everything looks good, but when I tried to open the window, it got hung up there.

    from client console, I saw the error message:
    at org.compiere.model.MLookupFactory.getLookup_TableDirEmbed(MLookupFactory.java:685)
    at org.compiere.model.MLookupFactory.getLookup_TableDirEmbed(MLookupFactory.java:757)

    can anybody help me figure out what's wrong here, thanks