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Comparable is an open source Windows 32 compatible program which compares files and folders. Results of the comparison can be selected with or without the aid of a filter and the deleted, "recycled", moved, copied, or saved to a file.


  • Comparable can be used to eliminate duplicates, validate/verify folder contents, optimize and/or facilitate backups, synchronize folders, organize files and folders.
  • Compare files based on MD5 Checksum, Name, Folder, Extension, Size, Last Access Time, Modification Time and/or Creation Time in any order.
  • Sort results on any of the above criteria
  • Filter results on name & folder with wildcards, date & name length - relative or fixed
  • Selected results can be deleted, "recycled", moved, copied or saved to a file as formatted text using a user defined template.
  • Create a database of file and folder information - Compares files to saved file data in half the time.
  • Unicode file system compatible


Screenshot thumbnail
Selecting files after a comparison

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