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comdocs-0.4 released

It's my privilege and pleasure to announce the availability of comdocs-0.4. The great improvement from the latest release is the simplest script to view help files via more or less program. See README in tarball for more information.

Posted by Sergey Baturov 2004-03-08

comdocs-0.2 released

Version 0.2 of the comdocs project has been released. This is a documentation project for commonly used Linux/FreeBSD commands, and includes examples for each command covered. This is the alpha release for this project.

Posted by wiht 2003-09-30

comdocs-0.1 released

comdocs-0.1 is the first version of the comdocs Linux/BSD documentation package. The package documents commonly used Linux/BSD commands, and is aimed at new and/or inexperienced users of Linux and/or FreeBSD operating systems.

What sets this documentation project apart from others is that it is driven by examples. With every non-trivial command, examples of various usages of the command are included in the document for that command. Also, the document for every command is no longer than 100 lines in length, and some of the documents include sample output from the commands described.

Posted by wiht 2003-02-01