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Common Lisp Utilities release 1.2

Common Lisp Utilities is a repository for Common Lisp packages that run on any compliant implementation of ANSI Common Lisp. The new release contains some bug fixes as well as new features for the package rsm.fuzzy. rsm.fuzzy now supports simulating a fuzzy control system.

Posted by Roland Scott McIntire 2004-02-20

Announcing Release 1.1

Release 1.1 of com-lisp-utils fixes some problems with ANSI compliance as well as minor bugs with the code and documentation.

Posted by Roland Scott McIntire 2003-10-20

Portable Common Lisp Utilities

The project com-lisp-utils had its first release on Sep 15 2003. The project consists (so far) of 18 packages. These include packages on fuzzy logic; genetic algorithms/programming; RSA encryption; boolean function equivalence testing; as well as simple utilities such as string manipulation and queues.

Posted by Roland Scott McIntire 2003-09-16