#34 OpenAFS support


Is there any plan for supporting OpenAFS?

I used colinux-0.6.3-pre13 based on a gentoo image. I
have been able to use the OpenAFS package compiled with
vannila 2.6.11 kernel source. It worked pretty well
although sometimes the afs connection got broken and I
had to restart the service.

But then a recent windows xp update is in conflicts
with colinux. So I had to update my colinux to version
0.6.4. However, this time I could not start the afs
service. The error message said 'invalid module
format'. As I understand, 0.6.4 uses the same version
of kernel(2.6.11). I tried to recompile OpenAFS, but to
no avail. Can somebody help?


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    Probably this is a compiler version mismatch between the copmiler used to compile the
    kernel and the compiler used to compile the OpenAFS module.

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    Closing this support request. There should be no reason the module (compiled with the right ABI & against the right version of kernel) shouldn't load and run. If you continue to experience problems getting this to work/worked out. Check the mailing list archives for details of what compiler might be needed, etc. Or post with your specific problems and we'll try to help you through them.