Any update on USB support?

  • Kai Hentschel
    Kai Hentschel

    Is there any news on when there will be USB support?

    Are there maybe any 'hacks' that one could look into? Any pointers on how to add it yourself?

  • Henry N.
    Henry N.

    No hacks exist currently.

    To made USB usable, we need to create a new "daemon" on Windows side and forward low level USB packets to Linux. The packets needs to inject into Linux kernel, like the network does it.

    Maybe someone can use libusb-win32 as base for such daemon.

  • Gilles Casse
    Gilles Casse


    Could you please confirm that USB support still needs a future development?

    Just for example, our aim is to drive a USB device exposing a not standard USB class.
    Please find more details below.

    USB device: 4 endpoints (1 Bulk In, 1 Bulk Out, 1 Interrupt In, 1 Interrupt Out).

    1. No virtualization
    - If the device is plugged to a Linux box, libusb can be used to drive it.
    - If the device is plugged to a MS-Windows desktop, libusb or a proprietary driver is used.

    2. Virtualization (Host: MS-Windows, Guest: Linux)
    - Using VirtualBox, the USB device is correctly driven from the Linux guest (seen as an unknown USB device).
    - Using colinux, the device can't be driven from Linux.

    Best regards,