Bug Fixes for CodeSnip running with IE 10

Some floating point error bugs have been reported for CodeSnip 3 and 4 that cause a fatal crash at start-up.

I've not been able to reproduce the bug with CodeSnip 4 but have seen it on CodeSnip 3.

It appears the bug appears when Internet Explorer 10 is installed.

Anyhow, I've fixed the bug in CodeSnip 3 and have applied the same patch to CodeSnip 4 in the hope that it makes the similar bug go away, although I haven't tested this because I can't replicate the bug in the first place!

Both versions now detect IE 10 correctly, it was previously being reported as IE 9 - not related to the bug but it was messing with my usage stats!

This is a critical update and you are stronly recommended to update ASAP.

For CodeSnip 4 you need release 4.6.1 - both the standard and portable editions are available. CodeSnip 3 users are recommended to update to v4.6.1, but those of you who want to stick with v3 should update to v3.12.1.

Posted by Peter Johnson 2013-07-01