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cleap 0.3.1 patch



- fixed "cleap.h" in public functions cleap_paint_mesh where GLfloat values were used as arguments, causing compilation error for non gl applications. Now it uses standard floats.
- if the mesh file is not found for "cleap_load_mesh" then the function exits with an error message.
- in the compilation instructions, added "-lGLEW" instruction which was missing.
- fixed the gpu_mem information which was erratic in non_gl programs.... [read more](/p/cleap/blog/2011/10/cleap-031-patch/)
Posted by Cristóbal 2011-10-02

cleap 0.3.0 released



- fixed a bug that made the library crash when no opengl context was created on the app (see API new function "cleap_init_no_render").

- new function: "cleap_init_no_render()" is for applications that do not use rendering. The older "cleap_init()" is for software that do create contexts on the app side, therefore they render.
- now private functions differenciate from public ones by prefixing an "_" to the private ones.
- c++ too specific codes are now handled in a "cleap.cc" file. This way can compile *.cc files with special headers like the "tr1/unordered_map" hashmap.
- there is now a "cleap_private.h" header where all private c++ only functions can be declared here.  Functions that include some cuda code should be kept in the *.cu files.
- "cleap_private" includes the public "cleap.h" header, so sources are suficient including just the private header.
- in function _cleap_load_mesh: renamed internal name of the variable "my_mesh" to just "m" for consistency with rest of code. 
- now loading is handled by 2 internal functions: "_cleap_host_load_mesh" and "_cleap_device_load_mesh". This way mantainance is much more modular
- renamed internal variable from auxEdgePointer to aux_tmp_edge
- added a new source file named cleap_glx_contex.cu that handles opengl context creation for GLX systems.
- moved timer functions to private side.... [read more](/p/cleap/blog/2011/09/cleap-030-released/)
Posted by Cristóbal 2011-09-29 Labels: cleap new version

cleap 0.2.0 alpha released



- renamed some variables in "cleap_kernel_utils.cu".
- "cleap_d_angle_adjacent_triangles" is now named "cleap_d_geometry_angle_test".
- small optimizations done to cleap_d_geometry_angle_test.
- removed long nonsense text of "Manual install from binaries" and put small text regarding *.deb install.

- removed duplicate backup (~) files from the tarball.
- included README file on CPACK package.... [read more](/p/cleap/blog/2011/09/cleap-020-alpha-released/)
Posted by Cristóbal 2011-09-18

cleap 0.1.0 pre-alpha released!

im exited to announce the first version.

cleap 0.1.0

this is only pre-alpha but already works as designed, very modular :).
It has an optional OpenGL functionality, it is very easy to render each mesh handled by cleap. It was designed so the application controls the rendering scene, but the library controls just the rendering of the meshes.

Documentation site is available in the wiki of this project.... read more

Posted by Cristóbal 2011-09-16

presenting new library: cleap


cleap is a library project for handling 3D meshes in GPU. Therefore we provide a number of parallel
methods for processing and handling the meshes.

first release soon!


Posted by Cristóbal 2011-09-16