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Amazing software but one idea...

  • Deo Favente
    Deo Favente

    When i add a circuit reference in a circuit i dont know what it is after i have like 16 references in the same circuit. Is there a way to do something? Maybe if the box had the name of the circuit on it...

    • Carl Burch
      Carl Burch

      At present I know of three ways to identify what sort of subcircuit you have:

      * Right-click on the subcircuit. The menu will include the subcircuit name in the popup menu.

      * Hover your mouse over the middle of the subcircuit. A tooltip will appear with the subcircuit's name. (If you hover the mouse over one of the inputs or outputs, the label for the corresponding input/output in the underlying circuit will appear.)

      * Place a label in your circuit yourself as you add it. Yes, I realize this is a bit cumbersome.

      I understand, though, that what you really are asking for is some way for Logisim to display the name of the underlying circuit without having to add a label yourself. I'll note this as another feature request.

      ---Carl Burch