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#5 Keyboard Focus

version 0.1
Joe Atkins

When one follows links or use backspace within the CHM file, the window
looses keyboard focus and one has to click in the window or hit the tab key
in order to use the keyboard to navigate the file.


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    Can you give more detail?
    I don't really see what you mean by "navigating the file" with keyboard

    • labels: --> User interface
    • milestone: --> version 0.1
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  • Joe Atkins
    Joe Atkins

    • status: pending --> open
  • Joe Atkins
    Joe Atkins

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    If you click in the main window in order for the window to have keyboard
    focus, you can use the arrow keys and page up or down to scroll up and
    down. You can also use CMD+Arrow Keys to move backwards and
    forwards through the history of pages viewes, or backspace to go back
    through the history. Just like in a normal webpage rendered in Safari.

    The problem is that when you click on the links or use on of the key
    commands to move back and forth through the history, the window loses
    keyboard focus.

    For instance, I was using the PHP CHM Manual, and there are links to go
    to different chapter. By clicking on a link, the window loses keyboard
    focus and you can't use any of the keyboard shortcuts that one would use
    to scroll up or down in the chapter that is currently being displayed,
    unless you re-click within the document area. This also happens if you
    try to go to a previous chapter using CMD+Left Arrow or Backspace. It
    will take you to the previous chapter, but the document area loses focus
    and you have to click in the window for key commands to work again for
    navigation. Such is also true for going forward through the document

    As a note, I have recently noticed that this behavior is exhibited in Safari
    itself when a webpage uses frames. If you follow links with a second
    frame, and the first frame is not the active frame, then keyboard
    navigation doesn't work. I realize that CHMox isn't using frames, but I
    am starting to wonder if this problem isn't a bug with Safari itself.