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Version 0.1.2 released

Knot now has the ability to save out images of the knots as PNG files, with thanks to lylejk for suggesting it.

The functionality hasn't exactly been heavily tested, so please bear this in mind and let me know if you hit any bugs.

Posted by David Llewellyn-Jones 2012-05-12 Labels: knot release 0.1.2 png image export

House warming

After many months, Knot has finally arrived at its new home on SourceForge. Exciting! That means there's lots of great new things to think about and furniture to arrange. All of the code has been pushed into the Git repository, and since I've not used Git in the past, I'm looking forward to finding out more about all of the enticing branching possibilities now available to me.

There's still lots of other administration to deal with though. I've added a plethora of tags and categories, as well as some screenshots. Next up are the forums, ticketing system and wiki that need populating.... read more

Posted by David Llewellyn-Jones 2012-05-06 Labels: knot functy sourceforge beta