#14 Expansion of lead-out with 'generic-mmc-raw' driver

cdrdao (17)
Vladimir Petrov

This is addition to cdrdao version 1.1.8.

The basic reason for existing of this patch are the big
capacity CD-R blanks. Mainly there exists two such
types - 90 min. and 99 min. I was perceived, that the
written ones of these causes most drives to have
seeking obliquityes. :o When this happens near to the
end of recorded area, drives produces a various sound
effects and various losses of times to "understand"
that there is not record and to move their heads back.
In some of these cases not all of capacity of the disk
is used and some unwritten area remains. In such
situations this patch makes its work - it gives ability
to expand lead-out track to the outer edge of disk.
Produced disks are less "musical" - when playing them
the sound comes mainly from the loudspeakers. ;) Two
new options are added: '--full-burn', which activates
the "feature", and '--capacity', to specify capacity of
used blank, because all big capacity CD-R blanks seems
like 80 min. This ability is available also for
"normal" 74 and 80 min. blanks, of course. :) Your
drive must support raw writing to use this, as only
'generic-mmc-raw' driver offers such ability. I think
that this violation of the standards is permissible if
it not does any changes of other area of the recording.
I have tested this for some disks.


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    • summary: Expansion of lead-out with 'generic-mmc-raw' driver patch --> Expansion of lead-out with 'generic-mmc-raw' driver
  • Expansion of lead-out with 'generic-mmc-raw' driver patch file

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    Denis Leroy

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    Looking good. Thanks for the patch.