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Cat-and-the-Hack Angband / News: Recent posts

Cat-and-the-Hack Angband Released

Cat-and-the-Hack Angband, a variant of the classic Roguelike game, has been updated to Changes include one new character race, a few new monsters, and minor gameplay tweaks and cosmetic bugfixes. CatH can be obtained at http://cath-angband.sourceforge.net .

Posted by neko 2000-11-23

Cat-and-the-Hack Angband moves to SourceForge

Cat-and-the-Hack Angband, a variant of the classic roguelike game included with most linux distros, has recovered from three years of inactivity and moved to SourceForge at http://cath-angband.sourceforge.net. For those familiar with "Vanilla" Angband, CatH offers new systems to make classes fit their "idioms" more, as well as a few new races, items, and other miscellaneous improvements.

Posted by neko 2000-09-11