#241 Pressing "Alt-c" does not open "Action" menu, even though it contains underlined "c" (indicating "c" mnemonic).

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Goldie Srulovich

Date reported: 18/01/2014

Program name: BORG Calendar

Release number: 1.7.9

Version (build) identifier: Stable

Can reproduce: Yes

Severity: small

Problem Summery:
Pressing "Alt-c" does not open "Action" menu, even though it contains underlined "c" (indicating "c" mnemonic).

Problem description and how to reproduce it:
1.After the BORG Calendar Application starts, open the "To Do" panel by clicking on the "To Do" button.
2.Observe the underlined "c" in the "Action" menu (which communicates to the user that "c" should be a mnemonic, the "Action" menu should open when pressing "Alt-c")
3.Press "Alt-c" on the keyboard. Instead of the "Action" menu opening, a mini calendar appears on the bottom right corner of the application (Please refer to Figure_1).

Suggested Fix:

Change the mnemonic attached to the mini-calendar in the "Quick Todo" section on the bottom of the panel from "c" to something that would not conflict with the "Action" menu mnemonic.

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  • Mike Berger
    Mike Berger

    The mnemonic feature was added around 10 years ago and never maintained. Currently, the same mnemonic may be used more than once on the same screen, and third-party software also binds keystrokes that interfere with this feature. The fix for this bug will be the removal of this feature - so finding all of the spots where it is broken is not necessary.

  • Mike Berger
    Mike Berger

    • Status: open --> committed
  • Mike Berger
    Mike Berger

    • Status: committed --> closed