Cannot set Firefox as Destination Browser

  • SiberLynx

    Sorry for reposting but I mistakenly put this in Discussion Forum instead

    Hi Guys,
    {XP Pro, SP 2; Firefox v2.0.0.3; Internet Explorer v7.0.5730.11}

    I just tried a few moves with BookmarkBridge 0.76 beta:
    - cerated couple new bookmarks in Firefox
    - launched BookmarkBridge
    - removed IE from the list of Source Browsers – so Firefox is the source
    - removed Firefox from Destination list – so IE is my “Destiny”
    - Merge…
    - all fine. Thanks
    - now, I wanna do the opposite.
    - some Favorites were created in IE
    - IE set as a Source. I was able to delete Firefox from there and add IE
    … but…
    when I tried to tamper with existing Destination list where IE is currently present,
    the only thing I can do is to remove/add IE.
    When IE is in Destination list pressing Add… button brings the following message: 
    “All available browsers have either, already been selected as destination browser or, are marked as read-only.”
    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    • Kevin

      I am having a similar problem,however mine is with IE.

      I am running vista ultimate 32bit, and when i opened bookmark bridge for the first time IE was not in either the source or destination. and when i click add i get the error that all available browsers have been added.

      when i go into settings and add in IE i set the location for IE bookmarks at C:/users/feerlessleadr/favorites.

      I checked to make sure that the favorites folder wasnt read only, but when i un check it and click ok, then go back to check again it is back to read only so i am assuming that is where my problem is.

      does anyone know of a fix for this?