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BibleTime 1.3beta1 released!

The BibleTime today released the first beta version of the 1.3 development branch! 1.3 has many new exciting features and changes. Be sure to check out 1.3beta1 so the final 1.3 will be stable!

Posted by Joachim Ansorg 2002-12-01

RedHat 7.3 RPMs for BibleTime

Since some weeks we have now RPM packages for the widespread RedHat 7.3 linux distribution. Make sure you install the bibletime and the bibletime-doc RPM package which are both necessary for BibleTime.
Download the packages on .
If something doesn't work please send us an eMail!

Posted by Joachim Ansorg 2002-09-02

BibleTime 1.2

Today we finally released BibleTime 1.2, the version for the brand new KDE 3.
The 1.2 release is identical with 1.1, except for some bugfixes which were necessary to work correctly on
KDE 3. The unicode rendering quality was drastically improved by switching to KDE 3 - Hebrew and greek
modules are looking much better now!<BR>

We hope that this 1.2 release will work correctly for everybody.

The source packages and binary packages for SuSE 8.0 are already uploaded. More packages will follow
later. Don't forget to download the bibletime-doc package
if you want to have the messages, the tips, the handbook and/or the translations of them.
Now download and enjoy the cool new BibleTime 1.2 and it's features! :)

Posted by Joachim Ansorg 2002-05-05

BibleTime 1.0.1

BibleTime 1.0.1 is released now!

1.0.1 is a bugfix release of version 1.0.
BibleTime is a powerful but easy to use Bible study app for Linux/KDE2.

Posted by Joachim Ansorg 2001-07-09

BibleTime 1.0 released

Bibletime 1.0 Stable Version Release.

Bibletime is the first Bible study tool specifically written for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). It contains most of the features that are available in commercial Bible study software for the MS Windows environment.

Bible Texts, Commentaries, and Lexicons for Bibletime are available from Crosswire Bible Society ( at no charge. The range of texts available is larger than most commercial Bible study tools, currently numbering over 190. These include classics like
Luther's original German translation, John Wesley's commentary (English), and Bible translations into a number of languages. The languages for which Bible translations are available include Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, and Chinese (this is a partial listing).... read more

Posted by Joachim Ansorg 2001-06-29