#4 Can't Configure


After unzipping into the Eclipse folder, I cannot configure the plugin option to point to my BC exe file.

It looks as if the install didn't work. I can see the jar files in the eclipse/plugins folder, but nothing shows when running Eclipse. There are no BC menu options on any popup menu. Also, I cannot navigate to Window --> Preferences --> External Tools in Eclipse because I do not have an External Tools option in the preferences dialog in Eclipse.

I'm running Eclipse 3.3 Europa edition.

I assume a response will be attached to this tracker issue.




  • I confirm that tool does not install and does not work under Eclipse 3.3

  • Sorry for the slow response.

    This plug-in should work with Eclipse 3.3
    Currently the latest versions of the plug-in (the 0.8.x versions) will only work with Eclipse 3.4.

    If you are still using Eclipse 3.3, then try using the 0.6.5 build of Beyond CVS.

    Unfortunately due to the rapid changing nature of the Eclipse CVS and SVN plug-ins it means that my plug-in will only work with specific versions of Eclipse.

    Please let me know if you are still having problems installing this plug-in. Next time I'll hopefully respond MUCH quicker.

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