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Status Report

As you can see on the project page, the applet has been updated to support the latest generator algorithm. It also supports copy&paste of generated lyrics now.
The latest development version features a demo maker which allows you to create a hard coded module from any standard bcm file, so you can use them with the applet.
The program has some nice new graphics created by my brother, Niels.
Since the current development version is pretty stable (apart from flaws in error handling), I highly recommend downloading the latest snapshot from the project page instead of version 0.1 from Sourceforge.
By the way, I haven't gotten any feedback for Battlecry at all, and I wonder how many people are reading this, and who is using the program. Since I wrote it mainly for my personal amusement, I don't really care much, but I'm interested anyway. So, if you have any comment about Battlecry, feel free to tell me; you can find contact information on the project's home page.

Posted by Wansti 2005-02-26

Feel For The Hammer - A "real" Battlecry Song! :)

To try the new lyrics generation algorithms, I composed a simple metal song that uses lyrics generated by Battlecry. More information, as well as the song and lyrics, can be downloaded from the project homepage at

Posted by Wansti 2004-12-11

New Modules in CVS, Homepage

The CVS repository now contains two simple new modules that demonstrate other (still completely useless :) ) possibilities of using Battlecry. Just check them out and see for yourself.
In other news, the Battlecry home page (or at least parts of it) are up again and can be viewed at

Posted by Wansti 2004-11-07

Battlecry 0.1 released!

The initial version of the heavy metal lyrics generator Battlecry has been released.
Battlecry is a toy that can generate random, rhyming lyrics based on word lists and grammatical structures that the program reads from text files; thus, it cannot only generate heavy metal lyrics but also any other kind of lyrics, based on the input.
Battlecry is written in Java, so it runs on virtually every machine that can run Java applications. It features a set of different frontends: A simple command line interface, a Java applet (with limited functionality) and a graphical user interface.
A project website will soon follow, containing a live demonstration of the applet version of Battlecry.

Posted by Wansti 2004-10-29