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Version 0.7.2 released


Version: 0.7.2

  • Changes since version 0.7.1:

    • now skips comment lines (those starting with # with any number of leading
      blank space), with the option (-C) of using them.

Please see the README file for further details.

Posted by J Alves 2014-05-19

Version 0.6.2 out

A few new features, and a couple bug fixes too, today leading to a flurry of releases. Hopefully it is stable now.

New features:
- now supports scientific notation numbers in the input (e.g. 1e3, 2E-3, 2.5e+02, .4e2, etc.).
- also supports output in scientific notation, by using the -e option.
- a warning now tells the user which input item, if any, is not numeric, instead of just giving the ugly generic Perl warning.... read more

Posted by J Alves 2011-01-13